You’re reading my about page. You probably want to know more about me. You were obviously on my blog before clicking on the “about” icon. There’s no link straight to the about page. Maybe you found my blog from some link on facebook or reddit or twitter. Maybe you know me in real life and you’re checking out my blog because you want to support my writing. Maybe you know me in real life and you think I’m a talentless hack and you read my blog so you can complain about me to people. I get that.

I am a male man.

I was born in a small town in Ontario, Canada.

I always felt “different” from the other kids.

I went to York University in Toronto for Film Production and Screenwriting.

I bummed around aimlessly for a year after that.

Then I moved into a really Korean neighbourhood (Seoul, Korea- the most Korean neighbourhood in the world).

Then came my life’s greatest achievement: starting this blog for humourous writing.

Now I’m living in Toronto, Canada.

Look at me now, ma!

I’ll update this blog at least once a week.

Some weeks I will probably forget to update.

There will almost certainly be stretches several months long where I fail to post a single update.

Thanks for reading my about page, consider yourself in the top 1% of James Island fans!

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