How not to get booked on a comedy show


Okay, a little backstory, then we can get into the funniest facebook conversation I’ve had in a while:

I recently took over hosting and organizing duties for a booked comedy show from another comedian. The manager told me that, before me, one other person had approached him and asked if he could be the new host. He asked me to make sure to give this guy a spot on my first show.

I’d never heard of this person before. Here’s what the manager told me about him:

1. He’d done comedy in Busan (a nearby city) for a while
2. He was trying to get involved in the Seoul standup scene, but was encountering a really cliquey, non-inclusive attitude from everybody and hadn’t been able to do a single show

I was really surprised by this as I’ve found the comedy community here nothing but welcoming. I reached out to this dude and the following facebook conversation ensued:

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