Why am I starting this blog?


I already have a blog. It’s here. And I had another blog before that. It’s here. So why am I starting a new blog?

Well, I want to have a blog for me to joke around on. I want to write a bunch of hilarious blog posts so if someone famous is all like “Hey James, I’d like to hire you as a writer for my hilarious, famous, primetime sitcom, but none of your blogs are funny and your twitter feed is too short.” Then I could point them to this blog and they’d say “Wow, this is exactly what I was looking for! Did you plan it like this?” And then I’d say “check out the first ever post!” Then they’d read this and be like “What are you, some kind of Nostradamus? You predicted my words exactly! Even these ones! Spawn of Satan, get back!” And then I’d be on my way to writing for TV!

My first blog was a movie news blog, and it sucked. My second blog is a travel blog I’m writing with my girlfriend as we’re teaching in Korea. It’s still cool, I’m going to continue posting there. But this is the blog that’s going to (delude me into thinking it will) make me famous.


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